Edge Milling Machine

+ EMM 2451 (Cutter dia. : 450mm )
+ EMM 2643 (Cutter dia. : 600mm )
+ EMM 2801 (Cutter dia. : 800mm )

+ Coil Strip Width : 700mm to 2100mm
+ Material Thickness : 6 mm to 29 mm
+ Material Grade : Up to X80
+ Welding Profile : X and/or Y
+ Cutter Diameter & Cutting Tip : According to the model
+ Milling Depth : Max.25 mm
+ Milling Power : 2 x 45 kW DC to 2×110 kW according to the type
+ Spindle Speed : Infinitely variable between 60 to 160 rpm or constant speed
+ Milling Position : Monitored on the control panel with 0.05mm accuracy
+ Main Body with strip adjustment
+ Milling units with height copying
+ Chip conveyor
+ Electrical & Hydraulic Systems
+ Control Panel

+ EMM are specially developed for Spirally Welded Pipe Manufacturing Systems to improve weld quality, reduce scrap material percentage and speed up to pipe production rate.
+ Both X and Y profiles are possible without cutting head change.
+ A real improvement over the conventional cutting, slitting and milling assemblies provided on the other SWP machines.
+ EMM's bring the advantages of compact design, economical operation and fully computerized controls to the pipe manufacturing process.
+ The cutting speed is set by the PLC system with respect to the input values such as material grade, thickness and strip speed.
+ Direct signal transfer between the main operator panel of the SWP machines is enabled which provides emergency shut of in case of unexpected data received.
+ Machines can be delivered manual system or PLC controlled full automatic system.